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Employee Evaluation

In-house human capital management can often lead to unnecessary and preventable conflict in the work environment. Especially when it comes to promotions…
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People Solutions, J.B. Chun and Associates

Welcome to People Solutions, J.B. Chun and Associates

We help organizations develop high performing  workforce that increase productivity and profitability.  As one of the leading firms to offer human resource solutions in the Southeast, we are committed to helping companies increase employee engagement, retention and success.  Your core business will prosper with our people solutions.

We know that your staff is your company’s most valuable asset and as a leading human resource consulting firm, we will assist you with everything that relates to creating and sustaining a high performing work force.

What our human resource solutions will do for you

Through our coaching and evaluation process we will help you:

  • Make the right decisions when it comes to hiring or promoting employees by enabling you to objectively understand and measure core competencies and recognize the behavioral traits and interests of top performers.
  • Develop high-potential employees and managers.
  • Resolve conflicts between co-workers and supervisors.
  • Maximize every employee’s job satisfaction and contribution to your company.
  • Reduce costs associated with employee turnover and on-boarding, theft and unreliability.
  • Evaluate and adjust your HR metrics to create a strategic workforce and ensure successful succession planning.
  • Reduce health insurance benefits costs through effective third-party administration.

For more human resource solutions, please contact us.

Who We Are

People Solutions, J.B. Chun and Associates was founded by Judy Boyle Chun. During her more than 25 years of experience, she has received numerous top honors and awards for her efforts and holds current and past positions as a member of the Aiken Chamber of Commerce and Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).  Past Board experience includes Hawaii Business Health Council, Hawaii Dental Service (a Delta Dental company), Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), Risk and Insurance Management Society. As a former CEO and CFO of various companies, she helped organizations develop and sustain high-performing workforces and reduce costs.

Let Us Know How We Can Help

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